About the Grimm Family

Once upon a time in a land called Chicago, lived a fellow and a young lady. The fellow worked hard engineering the fuel to power the horses while the young lady taught art to the children of the land.

The pair met in autumn of 2012 while playing trivia in a local pub. His knowledge of history & geography paired with her knowledge of pop culture & art helped to round out the team.

By spring of 2013, the two began to court. While dating, the couple traveled the world together and still wanted to be around each other when they got home. After a few short years of dating, the fellow asked for the young lady’s hand in marriage. In the summer of 2016, witnessed by family and friends, the two got married in Chicago’s tallest tower, the Sears (Willis) Tower.

Spring of 2018 brought a beautiful baby girl to the couple along with some news. The fellow’s job presented an opportunity to move to a land far, far away. Always ready for an adventure, the family packed up their belongings and moved to Germany.

We are the Grimm family and these blog posts are our tales of adventure, daily life, and our existence as expats in Germany. Life is an adventure that we get to take together.